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A financial ecosystem for real estate asset owners to convert non-liquid assets into tradable securities, using Investment Banking as a Service (IBAS), allowing any asset owner to issue their own security in a fully regulated manner.

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Paving the way to liquidity

Unleash market value

Higher liquidity. Global network of investors of fraction investments which leads to unlocking greater liquidity potential

Success fee only

Reducing transaction costs. Standardization of issuance process and eliminating “middleman” third parties and costly external services

Four weeks

Shorter funding period. From a few months to only 21 days of the asset onboarding and issuance on Banx.one’s primary market

Qualified deals on Banx.one


North America, Europe & Asia Pacific

Asset class

Office buildings, retail, industrial, hospitality

Deal Size

$100M+ valuation. Fractional or complete sale

Deal type

Equity or debt. Asset, fund or portfolio. Class A properties

Investment Banking as a Service

Onboard your asset

Upload your asset details and documentation through Banx.one's self serve AI proprietary assistant investment agent. Easily create an issuer profile, set up your team with various levels of permissions and roles.

Choose deal terms

Choose either an equity or debt deal, setup a funding goal target and submit your asset and deal for review by our network of business partners.

Professional screening & validation

The property is now being reviewed by a top global legal firm and financial firm, in addition to a local real estate professional and community, to ensure data accuracy and deal compliance.

Legal & finance

Setting up the infrastructure to the post-issuance phase - assigning trustee, escrow and preparation for deed registration.

Issuance and funding

Your asset digital securities are now issued and launched on Banx.one’s primary market for raising capital.

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