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Gain liquidity by securitizing your asset

Banx.one is bridging asset owners and investors, by allowing the owners to convert their ownership into tradable digital securities. The securities will be traded at the market by global investors, just like stocks.

What is Banx.one?

Banx.one connects between holding companies and real estate investors. It allows asset owners to turn their ownership to tradable digital securities and sell them at the marketplace, like selling at an e-commerce marketplace.

What is asset issuing?

It’s a process where asset owners offer their asset to the crowd of investors in the primary market in a shape of tradable asset-securities. It’s like issuing stocks.

Reach global investors

Global network of institutional and individual investors who invest in a fractional investments. This unlocks the world's liquidity potential, both in the primary and in the secondary market.


Raise equity or debt, in your own terms

Choose a funding target and submit your asset for review by our business partners. The property is reviewed by a top global firms, to ensure data accuracy and deal compliance.

Performance fee

Our goal is to complete a successful Fundraising in 4 weeks.
When you get the money, we'll get our fee.

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Deal type qualifications
  • Minimal asset value is $100M+ valuation.
  • Asset should be located in North America, Europe or Asia Pacific.
  • Class A properties. Office buildings, retail, industrial, hospitality.
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