& Innovesta Strategic Partnership Announcement

omer pupkin
Omer Pupkin
June 20, 2019 is happy to announce a strategic partnership with Innovesta. Innovesta solution provides objective, validated and trusted data for better investment decisions.

Innovesta allows investors to get a deep understanding of investment opportunities and therefore to make better investment decisions.  The company uses AI technology for collecting and analyzing open source data and crowd wisdom to produce an unbiased and uncensored ranking of assets, so investors can make investment decisions with their eyes wide open.

We met Yali Harari, Innovesta's CEO for a short interview.

Q: Yali, following this announcement, please describe what is Innovesta and how your service can assist's real estate investors in their investments decisions.

A: Innovesta is an AI based platform that finds all the information about an asset and uses crowd wisdom to verify it, add local pictures and more.

Q: What is the unfair advantage of Innovesta and how it can contribute to tokenizing prime real estate assets?

A: Unlike all the data out there Innovesta allows Banx investors to see assets with real, local and relevant crowd and experts vetting and sharing opinions about assets.

The fact people invest online shouldn't prevent them from getting to really know more about each opportunity, from verified sources (data and people).

Post investing, the Innovesta platform continues to monitor these investments and pushes information regarding updates and major changes concerning the asset (surrounding, environment, comparable and more).

Q: We see a lot of market appetite right now in real estate securitization - what led you to form this strategic partnership with and why do you feel this is a perfect match?

A: are building a very unique and serious platform. They have shared their vision and more importantly their values about providing people with transparent and organized way to invest in Real Estate.

We felt it was the best partner for us and that our technology will be used responsibly.

Yali Harari
Yali Harari, CEO of Innovesta

Q: Why now? Do you feel the market reached the required maturity level to adopt this disruption?

A: After the initial excitement of this new Real Estate investment era, comes the phase of responsibility. understands that and operate accordingly, leading the way for others in this space.

I admire the fact that differentiate themselves from others, not waiting for full market maturity but rather create it.

Q: Thanks Yali - we appreciate that. I'm interested to know what made you co-found Innovesta? what was the vision that led you to this decision?

A: I have been working and leading companies in the technology space for many years both as an entrepreneur and as an investor. I want this market to be open to everyone not just by regulation (Jobs Act and others). I want the crowd to be able to make great investments and for that we, the echo systems, are responsible.

Q: How do you see this partnership grows and evolves in the long term?

A: I see Innovesta becoming an integral part of each investor’s decision making in I think long term this combination of data and insights can become an industry standard of how to look at Real Estate  before tokenizing it and as importantly, after.

Thank you Yali for your inspiring insights.

Ron palas
Ron Palas, CEO of

Ron Palas, CEO said that “We’re super excited towards this partnership with Innovesta, Yali and her team. We’ve been in touch for a while and felt that both companies DNA is aligned and we’re both here for the same purpose of providing investors with insights, data and transparency they’ve never had before. Innovesta’s solution is a natural part of our ecosystem and is seamlessly integrated to’s platform".

Omer Pupkin
June 20, 2019