Frequently asked questions

A financial and technological ecosystem for asset owners and investors to convert non-liquid assets into tradable securities, using AI and Investment banking as a service (IBAS), allowing any asset owner to issue their own security in a fully regulated manner.

This creates an entirely new economy with built-in incentives to invest in a secure, trusted and transparent way.

This means large prime assets worth $100 million or more are broken down into smaller investable digital securities, allowing everyone the opportunity to invest anywhere, any time, by eliminating the financial entry barrier (essentially, they can be traded like stocks).

We are currently focusing on real estate assets located in premium markets - The U.S, Western Europe (like Germany, UK & Spain) and several leading markets in the APAC region.

Yes, both our platform and processes of asset securitization will be fully compliant with several regulatory entities - SEC, FINMA, BaFin and FCA, as well as with relevant regulations in each jurisdiction in which assets will be located.

Since we are handling real estate, which is an investment in a physical asset, we need a transaction ledger which is immutable, secure, and transparent, and which provides the ability to create a binding digital contract between two parties. 

You will receive the same rights you would have received if you had invested directly in the asset:

  • Income rights receivable from NOI (Net Operating Income)
  • Voting rights for critical decisions related to the asset
  • Proportional right to payment if the asset is later sold

There is no registration fee.

Yes, as an investor on platform, there are only two fees that are paid by making transactions:

  • When investing in the initial offering of an asset, a fee of 1% is added to the amount of the investment
  • When trading fractional ownership of real estate assets through our secondary market platform, a fee of 0.1% will be deducted from the maker (the user  initiating the trade) and 0.25% from the taker (the user who completed the trade)

Issuing assets involve with other performance based fees.

Yes, you can trade your asset-backed digital security at any time, anywhere (subject to regulatory compliance requirements).

Gains will be distributed on pre-disclosed dates listed in the investment proposal. Payments will be distributed directly to your bank account.

There will be two investment types available during phase one: an equity model and a structured debt offering for refinancing of an asset - these investments are available on direct assets and portfolios.

For any other questions, please contact us