Own a property
without being a landlord

Invest directly. No brokers or tenants to deal with.

Choose the amount you’d like to invest and click submit. By building the first financial infrastructure as a market network you benefit from the expertise which now accessible for you: business partners, investor hubs, trustees, legal and financial professionals, in a synced process to gain scale, reduce transaction costs, and provide trust.

Global Prime Assets

Exposure to prime assets globally and manifest full potential of co-invest along with worldwide investors. Various deal types, such as equity and debt, Minimum value of $100M,  AA/AAA tenants, commercial buildings in prime locations and long term leases.


Building the first financial infrastructure of market-network providers - Business partners, investors hubs, Trustee’s, legal and financial professionals, in a synced process to gain scale, reduce costs of transactions, and provide trust.

Holistic ecosystem

Real estate as a physical-digital asset, needs a sole operation manager.  Banx.one creates the first real estate investments platform which syndicates the life-cycle of all parties into a clear unified process of issuing an asset-backed real estate security, the sale and post-investment management and the value add.


Developed on top of the most scalable and trusted technologies using advanced proprietary such as AI bots, secured digital securities generators, regulation oracles, and financial best practice interfaces.


We are a collective of serial entrepreneurs and management team (former companies sold to Google and Facebook), on the areas of Real estate investments, AI and computer vision technology, fin-tech enterprises, and venture investments.

Investment banking as a service


Everything you need to get the best investment decisions.

Browse investments opportunities, access market evaluation and professional real estate experts during presales, primary offering, and secondary market. Review aggregated summary of deal analysis performed by Banx.one’s network. Everything you need for wise decision-making.

Enjoy periodical gains of dividends or interest.

Invest in equity or debt deals and enjoy periodical gains, vote on decisions and receive ongoing financial performance updates from the asset’s trustee.

Sell your holdings whenever you'd like.

Your real estate investment is now liquid. Trade your asset-backed digital security at any time, anywhere (subject to regulatory compliance requirements).
Banx.one is open for global investors to increase demand for your potential liquidity

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